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April 6, 2019


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I’m no stranger to traveling on a dime. While it’s definitely not my preferred method of travel, it sure beats the alternative, and I hope you’ll find at least a few of these tips and tricks helpful in making your budget travel adventures a little more comfortable.

Packing Pods

It’s a simple enough concept, but if you’ve never heard of packing pods, let me tell you, they will change your life. Especially if you’re trying to pack everything in your carryon to save money on checked luggage. A set of these pods come in assorted sizes and allow you to categorize, compress, and pack more clothes in a way that keeps them less wrinkled, more organized and easily accessible. They’re basically the greatest thing since sliced bread.

A Great Carryon Bag

A rolling case is great, but not when you’re changing accommodations frequently, having to hike to your hotel, walk miles over cobblestone, or climb flights and flights of stairs to get to your hotel. When I’m endeavoring to travel light, I love my Osprey backpack.

Filtered Water Bottle

Another easy way to save on travel, is to bring your own filtered water bottle. I use this one by Brita, which I love for its convenient carry handle, covered silicone mouthpiece and replaceable water filters.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Walking is a great way to save on transportation costs where you can, and it’s an amazing way to discover the unique character of a city, so I always pack a great pair of walking shoes whenever I plan to do a lot of travel on foot.

Microfibre Travel Towel

I love that moment after stepping out of a hot shower. When you bury your face into clean, fluffy towel and just inhale that luxurious fresh linen scent. Alternatively, when that first inhale is is stale and mildewy or the towel is gritty, I just can’t bring myself to rub it all over my body. Just no, thank you. That’s why I originally started using Rainleaf Microfibre Travel Towels. They’re easy to pack, quick to dry and as an added bonus, I love that they’re a great practice for sustainable travel.

Silk Travel Sleep Sheet

From budget hotels to hostels and airbnbs, no mater how reputable, I just rest easier knowing I’m not sleeping in questionably clean sheets. And I have been truly thankful to have these silk travel sleep sheets on more that one occasion. Besides the obvious advantages, they’re so light and comfortable, I never travel without them.

Travel Toiletries – Refillable + Carryon Approved

The only thing worse than the plastic waste caused by single use toiletries, is not having any toiletries at all. I prefer to use a refillable travel toiletries set that lets me pack my favorite skincare products and cuts down on waste.

Inflatable Foot Rest

I didn’t invest in an inflatable footrest until I began traveling with my toddler, but now I carry it with me whenever I have long flights or long layovers. It’s also great for sleeping.

Energy Bars

Food is another one of those little things that really adds up when you’re traveling, especially inside theme parks, airports and other touristy points of interest. Especially when I’m traveling on a budget, I make sure to pack cliff energy bars. They’re healthy, easy to pack, delicious, and won’t melt in your bag.


It’s no secret that I never travel without at least a point-and-shoot camera, but let me tell you that through the lens of a camera is a great way to experience travel on a budget. It doesn’t anything to explore your destination on foot, and I know I can spend all day taking photos, and have without spending a dime. The best part is the incredible souvenirs you’ll have of your trip, that won’t cost you any extra money.



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When Elizabeth isn't photographing destination weddings, she's scuba diving (warm waters, if at all possible), riding her Iberian Warmblood, or spending time with her sweet family in Central California. She's just as good at planning menus as planning trips, and she makes a legendary pomegranate and rosemary baked brie. 



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