Why You Need To Book A Boudoir Shoot

December 3, 2021


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Modern Feminism

That’s right, I said it. But hear me out…

Modern Feminism is about being who you are–the amazing woman that you are, without fear of judgement. It’s about being successful in your own right. It’s about doing what you want to do in life, showing up for yourself, and being empowered by your body and your sexuality, just the way they are.

Sure, the modern feminist may not think she’s perfect, but she fights for what she wants and is proud of what she’s got. Because Boudoir isn’t just about your body, it’a about your attitude. So, celebrate yourself in all your feminine glory.

It’s Your Anniversary

One year? Ten years? Twenty Five?

Marriage is bliss. It can also be really hard sometimes.

Every year my husband and I celebrate another anniversary, we look at each other and ask, “where has the time gone?” Commemorate all those years of choosing each other, over, and over again, with something you both will enjoy. And as an added bonus, also reminds them of why they chose you in the first place.


Milestones matter!

If we’re not celebrating at every opportunity in life, then what are we doing here?

Have you just earned a promotion? Finished your doctorate? Retired? Moved onto another chapter in life? Lost some weight? Or better, some baggage?

Celebrate yourself! You’ve worked HARD, and you deserve it!

Military Deployment

My husband was deployed in 2009 and I know that — is hard. But long distance give us an opportunity for some of the most romantic gestures, love letters, and exchanges. Keep things intimate by letting them keep a part of you with them while you’re apart. And also, remind them of what’s waiting for them when you’re together again.

They Put A Ring On It

This is one of my favorites. There is something uniquely special about being engaged. You’re young, beautiful and so in love. In the grand scheme of things, marriage is for life, but engagements are short. This time in your relationship is over in the blink of an eye and you should cherish it!

Have you considered surprising your fiancé with boudoir photos on your wedding day, or planning one the day of to gift as a one year anniversary present?

Think about it–that hair, that makeup, that veil. Don’t forget those shoes. And just think about putting that bridal lingerie to good use!

Happy Birthday

The gift that keeps on giving. Really.

Let’s have a touch of real talk here, birthdays tend to get a little dull as we get on in the years. We just don’t celebrate like we used to. It’s time to change that.

Whether it’s your birthday or theirs I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than Boudoir and Birthday cake. You both deserve to be spoiled this year.

Forget Me Not

That’s right, not you, me.

The best Boudoirs are all about yourself.

You’re a strong, independent woman. A boss babe. And you’ve just reached your new peak. Boudoir is the most perfect way to relish, redefine and rediscover your power and celebrate yourself for yourself. Don’t go another day without rediscovering your fabulousness in a fun and sensual and way.

Valentine’s Day

Impossible dining reservations, crowed restaurants, the dreaded last minute what-to-get-them debacle. Or worse, the what-to-get-me text exchange with links. Not sexy. Or romantic.

How about this, get yourself some lingerie, gift them Boudoir photos. Let things unfold as they may…

Happy Valentine’s Day.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

You know the rest.

Committed relationships can be so cozy. It’s nice to have a routine. But sometimes, it’s nice to spice things up too!

May I casually recommend an unexpected, mid Tuesday morning picture text to your significant other that screams, “Hey! I’m bringing sexy back.”

Yes, please.

You’re Having A Baby

Hands down, some of the most beautiful boudoir photos you can take.

Pregnancy is another one of those seasons of life that is short, remember parenthood is forever but pregnancy is temporary. I don’t need to tell you, your body is different. It’s doing miraculous things in beautiful ways, and this is a time to cherish and celebrate it. Especially if you absolutely love it, but even if not so much.

As someone who had a difficult pregnancy myself, I absolutely promise you that no matter what, years later you will look back on your pregnancy boudoir photos and love them. So will your significant other.


Possibly when you need it the most, love is a battlefield and we’ve all been there.

Divorce, breakup, ghosted, it really does happen to the best of us. But we all know who the real losers are here. You deserve better and whether your celebrating liberation or need a little reminding that you’re a total thirst trap, a Boudoir shoot is just what the doctor ordered.

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